Simplifying recruitment process for Schools
Simplifying recruitment process for Schools
Hire top-tier teachers for your schools or position yourself for better teaching career as a teacher.

Why Choose Syllaboss?

Proven and Vetted

Our HR team is constantly finding and recruiting the best of educators to connect with schools.

Fast, Expert Matching

We will hand-match best-fit teachers to your schools in lightning speed.


Our HR Service is free for both schools and teachers.
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What We Do?

For Schools

  • Find the best educators with ease.
  • Connect with highly qualified teachers.
  • Invest in your educators' growth.

For Teachers

  • Discover your ideal job in education.
  • Access training programs for personal growth.
  • Collaborate and grow with like-minded professionals
Our Hiring Process


School Requests

Schools initiate the process by submitting requests for teachers based on their specific needs and requirements.


Vetting process

We thoroughly review applicants' CVs, teaching skills, and soft skills to ensure the highest standards of quality.


Online Testing

Candidates undergo comprehensive online tests to evaluate their soft skills, ensuring effective communication and mentorship abilities.


Candidate Selection and Resumption

Best-fit candidate is selected for resumption in 24hrs after interviews and communication skill evaluations.


Give your teaching career a leverage. Attract high paying teaching jobs around you.